Tips for those new to shag haircuts

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When music major Abigail Alexander-Dotrie sought inspiration for her latest look, she turned not to today's fashion magazines but back a few decades. To the 1970's. Here's a few tips she discovered.

Salon tip: Need to tame the layers? Let a curling iron work it's magic to add a subtle flip to the ends with a softer wispy like texture. You can also use a round brush to help bring the layers under control.
Tips for those new to shag haircuts
Since most shags are heavily layered, which I hope you've caught on to by now, you need to be ready for a bit of blow drying time to add some volume if your hair is flat. In this case be sure to use conditioner so that your hair does not dry out and stays healthy.

It is an okay hairstyle for thick and can work with some fine hair. For thick hair you can cut layers and make it look loose and full. Heavy curly hair too looks lighter with shag.

Salon Tip: Want your shag to look its best? Work a volumizing spray into the roots. Doing so adds the appearance volume to the base of your hair.

With highlights, streaks and coloring you can make a bold statement with shag.

A shag haircut and styles like it can be just the carefree style you've been looking for. As long as you keep all these things in mind BEFORE committing to the shag you will go home delighted. Confident in your choice of one of the more versatile haircuts going. One that offers flexibility and plenty of styling options - all in one cut.
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