Trendy Shag Hairstyles and Haircuts

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Trendy shag hairstyle scan look very simple but then care should be taken that every strand is in place that will create the desired effect on your face. Shag hair style makes a neck look longer and a face thinner. To describe a shag haircut; a shag style is one where the hair is cut in different layers, it can also be called the layered style, as the work on the hair is done in such a way that cutting is accomplished in different lengths. The hair varies from a length of five inches to lengths that will brush your shoulders. This cut being in layers will create a beautiful effect on your face. As mentioned earlier, the shag can make the face of plump person look a bit thinner with the neck looking longer giving an elongated effect.

This is tedious to bring it to effect, but then once the effect has been created, then it is the simplest to maintain. All one needs to do achieve this trendy style is blow it dry with a blow dryer and use a brush to keep it in place. If you want to create the curl effect, then you may have to make use of a bit of scrunching after misting it with water.

For the people who would like to just grow their hair after carrying out the shag cut, then it is just fine. This will look just great.

As simple as shag hair looks, it gives the person a care free look. This is a hair style for the younger generation. Shag hair style is not restricted to women / ladies only, but is an in demand hair style among men too.

There are different types of shag hair styles; they are the short shag, the medium shag and the long shag. The long shag gives one an un-kept look if the hair is cut in too many layers. If you are having medium hair, you can go in for medium shag. Here the hair is kept either thick or thin depending on the preference of the individual. Keeping fewer layers of hair in a medium cut will give one a sleeker look. For people with shorter hair, they could go in for the short shag look. Here the hair is cut in a number of layers trying to give the hair a sleek look. However, the outer layer is kept the longest giving it a natural flow.

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Shag Hairstyles and Haircuts Shag Hairstyles and Haircuts
Shag Hairstyles and Haircuts The basically gotits name from the word "shaggy" since once the hair is cutand layered it gives off a shaggy look. The shag hairstyle has always been apopular hairstyle, ...