Black Woman Trendy Hair Styles

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There are many black women trendy hair styles because of black women’s hair texture and their different processing techniques that allow them to go sexy curly, go natural, or even go sleek straight! No matter for short, medium or long hair, there are so many options for black women.

Short hairstyles for black women.There are many trendy short haircuts, fashion pixie, classic bobs, micro braids etc.Rihanna love short hairstyles, she ever wear very short pixie haircut, classy bob hair, the bob is her favorite hairstyle, most of time she wear that kind of hair.

Curly hairstyles for black women. As you know, a lot black women’s hair is natural curly. The most popular relaxed hair is black women wearing black curly hair style, no matter short or long. If you want to create Shirley Temple curls, it is easy for black woman.Just using a barrel roller at least a quarter-inch thick to create. These finger-combed curls create a frizzy style for young women or soft curly hairstyle that can add more volumes and interest to the old women’s appearance. If you worn with long hair, curls will look more natural and healthy.

Straight hairstyles for black women
. A lot black women straighten their natural curl by the use of relaxer chemicals. When the hair get straightened, then thier hair can be create different stylish hairstyles. Most straight styles are achieved by roller setting or with a blow-dry followed by a curling with a hot iron. Afterward, the straightened hair can be combed to achieve a semi-curled look going under or with a flip of the ends.A lot black women have medium-length hair.The most trendy straight hair style for the medium-length hair is a blunt cut about the shoulder, worn with a side or middle part. This everyday hairstyle is worn with brow-length bangs swept to one side or straight down over ears in the case of a middle part.

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