Trendy Shag Haircut and Styles

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Areyou looking for something trendy, eye-catching, attention catching, slightly onthe wilder side, something different or a complete makeover? If the answer isyes to this question then the first tip is that itis time to visit asalon. Who and where? That is for you to decide. Either it could be the hairdresser you have trusted for years; or it could be someone new you have just been recommended by a friend, relative. Or then it could beone that has been advising for awhile and has all the more aroused your curiosity. Whoever and wherever it is, its an ideal time to visit one before you change your mind.

But then what style could you opt for? It could be one of the shag haircut and styles. Well, amongst the latest styles to have hit theblock is the shag style. This seems to have come to stay for sometime; allthe more because of the number of variations the hairdresser could experiment with. This is one style that hasnot hard and fat rule book, except for one - uneven layers on top. Thus, when browsing through the shag haircut and styles, one is left confused because of the options. How they are cut andto what length is not the matter, as long as the basis ofthe style is maintain. And so there are the long layer shag haircut, theshort layered hag haircut and the medium length too. Essentially this style shouldgive the wearer a shaggy look.

Usually, this cut is meant forshort to medium hair length; though there are various shag layered haircuts. However, asa cautionary warning, it does not gotoo well with people with long haircuts, unless they are really adventurous in their ways and ready to wait a long time for the top hair to grow outagain. But, if you are one to experiment then there is no harm in a long shag haircut. But then, what's the harm as long as the hair does grow, right? So then lets include everyone in the listof all that can get a shag haircut.

Defined here are the primary types of shag layered haircuts. However, hairdressers can modify these by adding more layers or varying the length and theway the hair needs to be styled and combed.