Is long hair dead?

3:15 AM / Comments (0) / by Erik

In a word: no. Long hair is timeless; it's a style that will no doubt last forever. But more and more, we're seeing articles in beauty magazines and blogs that are declaring long hair 'dead and buried', the most recent one appearing in Harper's Bazaar.

While they do make some good arguments for having short hair (a long mane is certainly not for everyone), they are largely trend-based, and therefore, prone to change. As such, you need to think very, very carefully before chopping off your long locks in the name of fashion.

Gisele Bundchen's long layers

By its very nature, long hair is not about being trendy. If it only took a couple of months to grow your hair from a pixie cut to your waist, then maybe it would be, but at the same time it would be far less valuable.

Anything that takes time and patience to acquire automatically has a higher value, and if it's something as beautiful as a long, silky mane, then it is even more desirable.

Growing your hair long is (pardon the pun) a long-term commitment, and as such, it's about creating your own signature style, not blindly following the fashions. In the words of Coco Chanel, "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

Alessandra Ambrosio long hairstyles

And while the short crops of Agyness Deyn, Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry may be what's hot right now, when it comes to classically beautiful women, the long-haired ones far outnumber their short-haired comrades.

Look at just about every Miss Universe or Victoria's Secret model: sure, they have the faces, the bodies and the attitudes to make them hot, but another thing they virtually all have in common? Luscious, flowing long hair. It's feminine, it's elegant, and it is undeniably timeless.

Miranda Kerr's gorgeous hair

So if you're at risk of being swayed by the increasing number of 'long hair is dead' articles, just remember that classic style will always trump fashion, and that when it comes to your hair, yours is the only opinion that matters.

Have a read around this site (we're very pro long hair here), and I also highly recommend a visit to The Long Hair Community, to remind yourself of just how fabulous having long hair really is.