Bangs or No Bangs

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Bangs or No Bangs – Long Hairstyles with Bangs

The dilemma of whether to have bangs or no bangs is prevalent, so don’t worry yourself about it, you’re not alone!  Now there are a number of sites where you can try on hairstyles before cutting it off.

Hair Styles with a Fringe

Some charge for the service and some are free! Hairstyle Blog has done a review of these sites in this article; Face in Hole Hairstyles Site Reviews.

Here is how Jennifer Daulton, stylist of Daulton Studios, weighed in on the issue of  “bangs or no bangs!”
Start with Wispy Bangs - You don’t need to cut a lot of hair off to get a new look.

I suggest starting slow by cutting in light, wispy bangs. It’s easy to blend light, wispy bangs into a long hairstyle if you don’t like the look and you can always cut in heavier bangs later.

Long Hair Bangs Styles

Bangs or No Bangs – Long Hairstyles with Straight Bangs

Long hairstyles with straight bangs are trendy but these blunt bangs aren’t for everyone. Straight bangs can look abrupt on some face shapes without at least some face framing layers.

Even the straight hairstyle with bangs above has slight layers that contribute softness and a slight frame to the face.

If you have a long oval face shape or a rectangular face shape and want to wear straight bangs, layering around the face will alleviate a severe look. Long hairstyles on long face shapes need face framing layers to soften and shorten the look of the face.

Hair Styles with a Fringe

Bangs or No Bangs – Long Hairstyles with Long Swept Bangs

Long hairstyles with side swept bangs suit all face shapes. Cutting in a long swept bang is less of a commitment than cutting in straight bangs.

Side swept bangs are longer and in a short time they will grow out to blend in as face framing layers.

Bangs Haircuts and Hairstyles

Bangs or No Bangs – Long Hairstyles with Asymmetrical Bangs

The asymmetrical bang is a favorite of mine for an artsy look! This look works well for all face shapes and especially draws attention to the eyes.

Like all hairstyles with bangs, it’s important to be vigilant on keeping your bangs trimmed regularly.

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