Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

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The merciless sun of summer causes moisture loss in every type of hair cut whether its curl short, wavy or spikes.

The most easiest and common type of protection from sun in summers particularly is by wearing a scarf. Try wearing a smart hat or cap if you do not like scarfs.

If you are not going for a longer walk in the sun keep the conditioner left in hair with sum sunscreen addition which will protect your hair. If you somehow forget to apply conditioner and you’re out, the simple solution is to apply sunscreen on the hairs above. Clean it when you reach home.

Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

Rinse properly! Natural oils get dry due to excessive use of shampoos. It’s better to stop using shampoo daily or go for a gentle one. Try opting for conditioners only pr shampoos that are diluted. Think about switching to an extra moisturizing and on the whole mild shampoo formulas such as Phytojoba, Phytonectar, and others. Rinse carefully and deeply with cold water.

Avoid using hot hair setting tools in summer as they may burn your roots and it will be hard to recover afterwards. Rollers, hot irons and blow dryer will steal away all your moisture and the natural damage to hair can be intense. Try opting for easy chic hair styles. Play with the waves and braid damp tresses that can create natural curls and waves similar to hair dryers.