How to Grow Long Hair Fast

6:08 AM / Comments (0) / by Erik

Yes, I've covered this topic several times in the past, but who doesn't need a refresher course every now and then? Growing your hair long is a commitment, and it's one that has probably tested your patience more than once during the various stages of growing it out. Read on for some excellent tips on how to grow long hair as quickly and painlessly as possible.

super long blonde hair

Have a goal

Whether you want hair that brushes your shoulders or hair that brushes your knees, the first step is always the same: setting a goal. Without a goal you'll find it much harder to get through the toughest growth periods - namely, when your pixie cut hasn't reached your chin yet, as well as the ultra-boring phase I like to call no-man's land (when it's not a bob, but it's not a long hairstyle either).

While keeping your goal in the back of your mind, remember to enjoy it (and photograph it!) at every length as it grows... because in all likelihood, it won't be at that particular length again for a very long time to come.

Beautiful long healthy hair

Your hair won't grow at its optimum rate unless your body is healthy too.

Overhaul your diet and lifestyle

If you're already eating right and exercising at least every other day, then good for you - you can skip this step. For those of us who haven't been quite so well behaved, now is the time to take a look at your eating habits, and make some changes if your diet is holding you back. A healthy body means a healthy head of hair, so the better your diet is, the faster you can expect your hair to grow.

And while a balanced diet is important, there are specific foods you can eat that will yield the best results when it comes to growing long hair fast. To find out which ones, take a look at this article here.

As for exercise, did you know that the more cardio you do, the faster your hair will grow? It's true! So make the time to take better care of your body; you won't regret it, believe me.

Gorgeous model with very long hair

Frequently looking at photographs of beautiful long hair will inspire you to grow your hair long too.

Stay motivated.

Browsing through online galleries of long hair such as this one will help you to stick to your goal length, as will reminding yourself regularly why it is that you love the look and feel of having long hair. Watch movies with long-haired female leads, and be wary of celeb-watching if you find it makes you want to reach for the scissors. Even Emma Watson didn't like her short haircut enough to stick with it!

Long hair is a genuinely timeless hairstyle, one that transcends the ever-changing trends of each era, and it's a style that is becoming increasingly rare the further we move into the 21st century. As such, it's not only something worth having, but something worth cherishing.