Shag Hairstyles - The Celebrities’ Invasion

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Shag hairstyle can be traced way, way back in the 1970s. It has always been the hairstyle that keeps on coming back even how many decades had passed.

There might be many variations to this hairstyle and yet it remains as a constant favorite of most celebrities. There is no hairstyle in the history that has made a lot of endorsements coming from famous celebrities and individuals.

Lisa Rinna shag hairstyle
It’s first appearance to the public was in Klute, a 1971 movie starring Jane Fonda. Even the world-renowned Beegees had their piece of the shag hairstyle as well when they started out having that long hair in layers too.

But it is when Jennifer Aniston started having the shag hairstyle on the famous sitcom “Friends” that ran over American TV for about a decade. The style became the craze that most youngsters would want to have the “Rachel hairstyle”.

It was Chris McMillan who styled up Jennifer’s hair as well as the other female cast of the sitcom. He did a bouncy and layered hair for the 1st and 2nd season of the famous sitcom “Friends”.

Celebrity shaggy hair style:Momsen shag hairstyle

Momsen shag hairstyles

But the credit should be given to the inventor John Sahag who created the haircut over 25 years ago. Before it even started to be famous in Jennifer Aniston character in Friends “Rachel”.

Then, after you can see famou celebrities in the likes of Farah Fawcett, Goldie Hawn and Victoria princialy who had the shag hairstyle right on their beautiful blond hair.

At present, there are quite a number of celebrities who even get back the shag craze again. Making shag hairstyle not just the hairstyle of 70’s, 90’s but even at the present. Celebrities such as Halle Berry and Meg Ryan are even getting into the craze.

You can definitely see how beautiful these celebrities look on their shag hairstyle. The reason behind it is the fact that these female beauties do have narrow faces make them look Divas on their own right. Meg Ryan’s messy and tousled look is still famous up to this date.

Tokyo Shaggy Hairstyle

Another set of celebrities that made the headlines due to the shag hairstyles are Hillary Swank for her head turning boyish shag and Tom Cruise for his carefree tousled shag on the movie Mission Impossible 2 that had his female funs go crazy about him.

If you want to have a shag hairstyle similar to those of the celebrities mentioned, you should very well know what are your hair texture, facial features as well as personality in order to look great on your new hairstyle.