Shag Hairstyle

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If you are looking for a great hairstyle that is both fun, lose and very free you might want to consider getting a shag hair style.

These work great for men, women and teens and therefore it is a very universal and diverse hairstyle that can take on many different looks and feel. Shag hair styles are edgy and different. They are very easy to take care of and typically require only an air dry and maybe some volumizer spray.

Shag for men

shagy hairstyle for men

They typically portray a very confident attitude because they do not require a lot of extra styling and they look great all day long. One of the biggest benefits of a shag hairstyle is how easy it is to take care of.

With a professional cut shag hairstyle you do not need to spend hours styling the hair or use a ton of products to get the look and feel you want. Often a simply blow dry and maybe a little hair product is all you need to get up and go. They are also great because they can be very versatile and can be tapered to fit your look and style.

Shag hairstyle for girl

Shag hairstyle for girl

You can go with anything from a really short haired shag style to a long haired shag style. If you want a little extra self- expression and individuality you might want to color the tips of your hair (very popular for men) or even put some highlights when you get the haircut to give it extra complexity and style.

One of the most important things to consider before getting a shag hair style is the length. Of course a shag can be done on everything from really long hair to very short hair. With long hair typically the outer most layer of the hair is left untouched for the most part and then the inner layers of hair can be cut with the shag to add more volume and style to the hair leaving.

Be careful not to do too much shag to the outer layers or it can quickly end up looking like you have really damaged hair. For medium length hair you can add more layers and a lot more shag to the overall cut. Then for those of us that choose short hair of course the shag can be done everywhere.

Just keep in mind if you are choosing to go with a short shag haircut it can take a great deal of time to grow it out and therefore it is a pretty big commitment. One other important thing to note is if you have really thin hair then a shag is not the cut for you. Yes the shag can add a lot of volume which is a great thing for thin hair but typically the shag will leave wisps of hair and the shag will make thin hair look really unkempt.