Shag Haircut and Celebrities

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Pictures of Shag Haircut and Styles that brings backthe shag seventies hairstyle and adds a new dimension.Shag Haircut and Celebrities The 1970’s shag haircut trend isstarting up again with famous celebrities like Meg Ryan and Lisa Rinna wearing various styles. Carol Brady from “The Brady Bunch” made the shag hairstyle popular in the 70’s. The modern twist onthe layered style has a combination of a little punk hairstyle and layered bobin the mix.Add some highlights and a funky hair color, the shag hairstyle hasbeen revived. Most like it short and choppy, but the hair cut canbe medium or long lengths also. Try a hairstyle from this shag haircut gallery.

Celebrity Shag Haircut Hairstyles Shag cut like Halle Berry, Lisa Rinna, and Meg Ryan. This hairstyle does not look greaton everyone. But ladies with narrow shaped faces can pull it off diva style. I like the way it gives a spazazz appeal and almost empowering look. The hairstylist that creates this look hasto know what they are doing or the haircut willbe choppy.